Bagan Attractions

Thitsawadi Temple - Bagan Myanmar

Thitsawadi Temple is a three-storey building with ancient architectures of Bagan. Beautiful stuccos and interesting mural paintings can be found in this temple. (Source:...

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Dhammayazika Pagoda - Bagan Myanmar

Dhammayazika Pagoda. Built by Narapatisithu in 1196 A.D. It is a solid circular pagoda of the Shwezigon type, but its design is elaborate and unusual. The three lower terraces, which are adorned with terracotta tablets illustrating the Jatakas or Birth Stories of the Buddha, are pentagonal, and at the base on each side, there is a small temple with a square basement enshrining an image of the Buddha. They are all built on a raised platform enclosed within a wall,...

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Pwasaw - Bagan Myanmar

This region is situated between Myinkaba and Minnanthu regions. There are two villages named as Anauk Pwasaw Ywar and Ashay Pwasaw Ywar, meaning East Pwasaw Village and West Pwasaw Village respectively. (Source:...

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Winido Temple - Bagan Myanmar

Winido is a group of temples, which is still difficult to access by travelers. Those who have set foot inside the Winido Temple have recounted that they have seen unique paintings of that era. (Source:...

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Sinphyushin Temple - Bagan Myanmar

Sinphyushin temple was built by King Thihathu or Sinphyushin of Pinya. It is a cave-type Indian-style based monument. The inner walls of the temple are full of ancient mural paintings. The exteriors of the temple are embellished with beautiful patterned carved and molded stucco decorations. (Source:...

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Tayok Pye Temple - Bagan Myanmar1

Tayok Pye is a large temple which is located in Minnanthu. It was built by Narathihapate (1256-1287) also known as the king who fled from the Mongolian invasion. This is the meaning of Tayok Pye in Myanmar. It is a one of the best temples decorated with beautiful stucco. People are still allowed to climb up at this temple to view the sunset of Bagan. (Source:...

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Buddha image inside the temple

Pyathadar Temple is a double-cave type monument. It is really the most interesting monastery in Bagan. It was perhaps the last great construction of the dynasty of Bagan. (Source:...

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Payathonzu Temple - Bagan Myanmar

Payathonzu Temple. The Payathonzu is so called because the monument consists of three distinct small square temples with vaulted corridors and porticoes, joined together by two vaulted narrow passages leading from the one into the other. There is a pedestal in each sanctum, but the images have disappeared and their exact nature is not known. The walls of the corridors and the vaults are covered with beautifully painted and well preserved mural painting. The half decorated middle sanctum and the...

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Another buddha image - Leimyethna Pagoda - Bagan Myanmar

Lemyethna Temple. Built in 1222 A.D. by Minister Anantathura, who also set up an inscription in stone. The temple rests on a high platform and faces east. The interior walls are decorated with mural painting. (Source:...

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The magnificent eastern view - Sulamani Temple - Bagan Myanmar

Sulamani Temple. It is situated about three miles to the south-west of Nyaung-U. It was built in 1183 A.D. by Narapatisithu, and resembles the Thatbyinnyu in plan. The temple consists of two storeys, being set back one behind the other, and each is crowned by terraces ornamented with battlemented parapets and small stupas at each comer surmounted a deeply moulded cornice set with glazed plaques of different sizes and patterns. In plan each storey is a square and four porches...

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Minnanthu - Bagan Myanmar

Minnanthu is situated in the south of Nyaung U. The monuments in this region are of a later period than thoses in the Central Bagan. (Source:...

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Seddana Pagoda - Bagan Myanmar

This pagoda was built by Htilominlo and stands slightly south of Thiripyitsaya. This large, bell-shaped pagoda is set on four square terraces, each fronted by a standing Buddha image in brick-and-stucco. On each side of the terraces, at the base of the pagoda, are 39 images of elephants making a total of 156 elephants. (Source:...

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