Bagan Attractions

Soemingyi Monastery Bagan Myanmar

This typical Bagan brick monastery is thought to have been completed in 1204. “So-min” is a title for a senior queen or princess of the Bagan Period, so the monastery and the stupa were probably donated by such a lady of high rank. There are many small meditation cells around a central rectangular courtyard. Soemingyi Pagoda is located near the Soemingyi Temple. The structure of this pagoda has a square base with many terraces leading to the top part. There...

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Myinkaba Pagoda Bagan Myanmar

Myinkaba Pagoda. Built by Anawrahta, in the I Ith century, in order to expiate the crime of killing his predecessor and half-brother, Sokkade, in battle. It is of bulbous form with round terraces and is situated on the Myinkaba stream, which is so called because Sokkade’s corpse came floating down it together with the saddle. To the shrine are thus attached interesting historical associations, and its peculiar shape bespeaks of its freedom from the influence of the Southern School of...

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Upali Thein means Upali Sima (Ordination Hall)

Upali Thein (Ordination Hall). Situated close to the Htilominlo Temple. This ordination hall was named after a celebrated monk, Upali. He lived during the reign of King Nantaungmya and Kyazwa, and the foundation of the building may be assigned to the second quarter of the 13th century A.D. It is a structure of fine proportions enclosed within brick walls. It is rectangular in plan, and contains a hall with an image of the Buddha placed on a pedestal near the...

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Thamee Whet Umin

It is located half a mile southeast of Nyaung U. There are two caves called Thamee Whet Umin and Hmya Tha Umin dated back from the 13th century. Thamee Whet Umin is a cave formed by digging into the side of a hill and cave contains a stone inscription. It is constructed with zig-zag corridors and inside of which are rooms and cellars arranged like a maze. The U Min on the northside is called Hmya Tha Umin. In Hmya...

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Thetkyamuni Temple Bagan Myanmar

Thetkyamuni Temple. Situated at Chaukphala, Nyaung-U; appears to have been built in early 13th century A.D. It is a square structure with a porch projected on one side. Above the main square block are three receding terraces on which stands the sikhara (a spire of North Indian type) and a stupa finial. The flame¬like arch pediments over the doorways, the pilasters and friezes are adorned with stucco carvings. The interior walls are covered with panels,of painting which depict scenes from...

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Lawkachanthar Temple Bagan Myanmar

Located 1km east of Ananda Temple. Lawkachanthar means “Prosperity of the world”. The donor of this temple is still unknown and it is well known destination for sunset viewing and the existence of 11th century-style Buddha Image. Mural paintings still can be seen on all the walls of the temple. (Source:...

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The Buddha image inside Kyaukgu Umin

Kyauk Gu Temple (Cave Temple). This temple, situated two miles to the east of Nyaung-U, is a structure of unique architecture. It consists of three receding terraces built of stone and brick against the precipitous side of a deep ravine. The ground storey contains a large hall with a high entrance archway projecting on the north. Two huge stone pillars support the roof in the centre. These pillars as well as the perforated windows and pilasters, the door jambs, the...

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Gubyauknge Temple

Wetkyi-in Gubyauknge is located at a distance of 200 yards from Gubyaukgyi (Wetkyi-in). The Temple is an ancient architecture of AD 11th Century, built earlier than the Wetkyi-in Gubyaukgyi. (Source:...

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Kyanzittha Umin Bagan Myanmar

Kyanzittha Umin near Nat-htaung Monastery. Situated close to the Shwezigon Pagoda at Nyaung-U. It is a low brick building half underground and half above. Though popularly known as Kyanzittha Umin, older tradition attributes it to Anawrahta. The interior of the building consists of long and dark corridors, some walls of which are ornamented with frescoes dating from 11th to 13th century. Those of later date were most probably painted during the Mongol occupation of the city in 1287 A.D. and...

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Shin Arahan Oakkyaung Monastery

This monastery was built at a place called “Hnget Pyit Taung” where the monk could reside in peace and harmony. The monastery was a complex of a wooden building and a brick structure. The monastery had height of 21ft (6m), length of 85ft (30m), width of 56ft (17m). The wall forming the compound was 119ft (36m) East-West and 117ft (35m) North- South. (Source:...

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The pagoda on the hill

Hgnet Pyit Taung means “Bird shooting Hill”. The legend of a king, who hunted down the bird ogre has come to be one of the most interesting stories of Bagan. This hill is located on the road to Mt. Popa. There are many tunnels on the the south of Hgnet Pyit Taung Hill. On the west is Shin Arahan Oakkyaung Monastery. (Source:...

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Gubyaukgyi Temple Bagan Myanmar

Kubyauk-gyi Temple (near Wetkyi-in village). Lies to the south-east of Kyanzittha Umin. It was built in early 13th century with a spire resembling the Mahabodhi temple, and repaired in 1468 A.D.The interest attaching to this temple lies in the fine mural paintings depicting scenes from the Jatakas painted on the interior walls. The complete series was painted half on the northern wall and half on the southern wall of the vestibule. Most of the panels were, however, lost through the...

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