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Ngar Htat Gyi Buddha Image

Nga Htat Gyi, also known as the “five-storey Buddha” is located across the Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha Image. A huge seated Buddha image is housed in a pavilion of iron structure with a five-tiered CGI roof of Ashay Tawya Monastery. Hence Nga-Htat-Gyi Pagoda means the pagoda with five-layered roof. This Buddha image is different from other images in the style of using Magite (armours) around the image.

The original Nga Htat Kyi Buddha Image was donated by Prince Minyedeippa in 1558. The original image of the Buddha was a seated image of 20.5 feet. It was relocated here when a great image having a height of 45.5 feet on a pedestal 30 feet (9.1m) high and 46 feet (13.9m) wide was erected on this piece of high ground in 1900.

The Pagoda is situated within a monastery complex located in Shwegonedaing ward of Bahan Township and can be reached from the road encircling the Royal Lakes by turning into a lane bearing its name. A shorter route is by following the Shwegondaing road connecting the Bahan and Tamwe townships right up to the rear entrance of the Pagoda.

Ngar Htat Gyi Buddha Image

Ngar Htat Gyi Buddha Image

The dimensions pertaining to this great image are as follow:
(a) circumference at the hair knot – 19.5 feet (5.9m)
(b) circumference of the frontlet – 20 feet (6.08m)
(c) distance between the cornersof each eye over – 3 feet (1m)
(d) pinna of the ear – 6 feet (1.82m)
(e) length of the nose – 3 feet 6 inches (1.06m)
(f) circumference of the throat – 20 feet (6.08m)
(g) breadth of the shoulders – 24 feet (7.3m)
(h) girth of the arms – 15feet 9 inches (4.79m)
(i) width between the extremities of the knees – 36 feet (10.9m)
(j) length of each palm – 10 feet (3.04m)
(k) length of each thumb – 4.5 feet (1.37m)
(1) length at the soles of feet – 10.5 feet (3.19m)

The great image, which was originally arrayed in monastic robes, has been invested with the regalia of kings such as a diadem, ear ornaments and jeweled sashes by devotees.

Ngar Htat Gyi Buddha Image

In the prayer hall of the Ngar Htat Gyi Buddha Image.

Ngar Htat Gyi Buddha Image

A sculpture of a Buddha images together with the paintings at the back to give the look of Buddha with the long chain of his disciples.

Ngar Htat Gyi Buddha Image

The dragon statue beside the Buddha Image

(Source: myanmars.net)

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