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Myasigon Paya

Though not as well known as Shwesandaw, this is the most interesting of the three Myanmar famous zedi in town. A brick pahto beneath the stupa features glass mosaic arches, paintings taungoo Myanmar kings and a huge, bronze and silver-faced sitting Buddha in royal attire. The image is surrounded by planet Buddhas for specific planets, corresponding to the days of the week, andan arrangement usually reserved for stupas. Smaller Myanmar Buddhas, some of them old, are displayed in glass cases in the same building. Opposite the large sitting image, against a couple of pillars, are two Chinese bronze goddess statues, one sitting on an elephant, the other on a Fu dog.

A small Myanmar museum on the grounds contain bronze images of Erawan, a standing Buddha captured from Thailand by Myanmar King Bayinnaung and the two British cannons dated 1897.

Myasigon Paya - Bago Myanmar

Myasigon Paya – Bago Myanmar

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