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Payagyi Paya

This towering Myanmar pagoda stands on the road to Thayekhittaya, about 1.5km east of the Myanmar bus station in Pyay. Payagyi Paya served as one of the four corners that bounded that Myanmar ancient town, its breasts like structure is slightly swollen, with some vegetation growing out of cracks in the exposed bricks. Three terraces encircle it from its base; “ladies” are not allowed on the upper one. The modern hti is lit up at night.

It history is linked with the nearby Thayekhittaya and most likely dates from the 5th or 6th century AD. Nearby stand a couple of lofty teak trees, safe from woodcutters’ axes as they occupy sacred ground in Myanmar.

Payagyi Paya - Bago Myanmar

Payagyi Paya – Bago Myanmar

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