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About 8km east of the Aung San statue in the neighbouring Myanmar village of Hmawza, this Myanmar ancient site known to Pali-Sanskrit scholars as Sri Ksetra is an enormous Pyu city that ruled in the area from the 5th to 9th centuries AD. Local legend links its origin to the mythical Myanmar King Dattabaung, who supposedly worked with ogres and other Myanmar supernatural creatures to build the “magical city” in 443BC. The earliest Pali inscriptions found here date to the 5th or 6th centuries. Sight seeing thayekhittaya means taking a three or four hour ox-cart loop to spaced-out Myanmar temples. It can’t rival Bagan in terms of majesty, but lack of tourists and real peeks into local Myanmar farming communities are serious bonuses.

Thayekhittaya - Bago Myanmar

Thayekhittaya – Bago Myanmar

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