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Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda

Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda is located on the west of the railways compound and between wards Zay Cho and Hman Dan, there is a temple called Shwe Gu Gyi (Golden Big Cave). One contemporary inscritpiton found at the cave temple mentioned that the ruin left by King Narapati Sithu (AD 1174) was repaired by the crown Prince (Sirimahadhammabhidhaja Sihasura).

Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda

Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda in Amarapura

Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda

Yadanar Kyawmaw Su Taung Pyae Reclining Buddha Image in the pagoda compound

Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda

Buddha Image inside the pagoda

(Source: Myanmars.net)

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