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Mahar Gandaryone Monastery

Mahar Gandaryone Monastery is situated in Amarapura near the famous U Bein Bridge. Mahar Ganadayon religious institute is one of the largest teaching monasteries in Myanmar. The monastery has more than 3,000 monks in different ages including some very young novices. The monastery was founded around 1914 and came to be known as a centre for monastic study and strict religious discipline. The main purpose to visit here is to watch the monks lined up along the road at 11:00am and have their main daily meal. The place is always crowded with tourists and local visitors.

Mahar Gandaryone Monastery

Monks at the famous Mahar Gandaryone Monastery

Mahar Gandaryone Monastery 3

Monks being given a food offering by a local

Source: Myanmars.net

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