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Feedback from Giuseppe Cesare Quaglietti

From: Giuseppe Cesare Quaglietti [mailto:quagliettig@…]
Sent: Thursday, August 29, 2019 22:38 PM
To: Diu Ciao Asia Travel
Cc: Maria Grazia Losa; Alpinelli Patrizia
Subject: Re: Our Burma trip

Hi Diu,

everything went well, we visited very interesting places and our guide Than, an Italian speaker, proved to be competent.
If we can give an advice, the site of Sri Ksetra in Pyay, could be skipped and dedicate this time to get more in touch with the peasant population that lives and works in the countryside surrounding the site itself. Furthermore, Sri Ksetra’s visit was made with the van. We did not use the bullock cart ride because it had been moved for time reasons from the day before to the following morning, but the related cart reservation had not been moved. Note that we have paid the ox cart trip.
Another suggestion concerns the visit to the numerous Stupa and Buddhist Temples, which as we know must be done completely barefoot, without stockings. Here, in addition to creating hygiene problems, it also creates very dangerous situations when it rains and when ceramic tile floors become slippery at risk of falling. Not only did one of us fall from a staircase on the first day of the tour, but we also saw tourists with knee injuries and with extensive use of crutches as a hangover. All this must be an advise for your customers.
Last point, more general, we suggest greater flexibility in the carrying out of the journey, both to give space for more contact with the Burmese people, and to have more time to visit and frequent the markets of the different cities, and also to make journeys on foot between one place and the other without using always the van.
Giuseppe Q

Giuseppe Cesare Quaglietti – Thursday, August 29, 2019

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