From: Paola Sophia Leonardi [mailto:leonardipaola57@…]
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2016 4:10 PM
To: Sales Myanmar Tours
Subject: my tour november 2016 GRAIFF

Dear mr. Diu,
i would like to praise the tour in Myanmar in november of 2015.
It was a great holiday and we was satisfied with everything.
I woul’d also like to thank you for your help for booking this very nice trip.
We realy liked the time with our tour guide mr. Aung Min. He was very friendly and he explained everything clearly and with much knoweless even if my english is quit elementary.
The tour in Mandalay and Lake Inle were also ok, but we do not understand everything because the pronunciation of the english of that guide was not satisfying. For those tours you may find somone else.
Thank you for your kind help in the last months


Paola Graiff Leonardi Thursday, February 11, 2016
From: Stadler Irmgard [mailto:nicole83@…]
Sent: Saturday, February 06, 2016 5:37 PM
Subject: RE: half day Tour Rangoon 06.02.February

Dear Diu,

we just come back from the tour!
We really have to say all 8 people of us, thank you very much for this really nice tour. We really enjoy it and had a lot of fun with hand our tour guy. HE told us a lot about Myamar and here about the area. Should we be one more time back here it would to be a pleasure to make a tour with you again.

Thanks a lot again
Best regards

Nicole Stadler Saturday, February 06, 2016
From: werner gils [mailto:wernergils@…]
Sent: 13 November 2015 3:09 SA
To: Sales Myanmar Tours
Subject: Back home

Dear Ms. Diu,

A very huge thank you from the both of us !!!
We had very beautiful hollidays in Myanmar, which wouldn’t have been without you!!
Thank you for your patience ,support and excellent organization.
The guides were very helpful and they did everything to please us. Good and careful drivers.
Very good choice of hotels. Nice food, although the last restaurant in Yangon was, compared to the other restaurants, very touristic and in a way cheap fast food.
Anyway , our days in Myanmar are everlasting memories. Again thank you.
If anyone we know wants to travel to Myanmar, we will strongly recommend you.
All the best, keep well in good health.

Best regards from both of us,

Werner and Markos Greece, 13 November 2015
From: Mari-Lizette [mailto:marilizette@…]
Sent: 01 October 2015
To: Diu Ciao Asia Travel
Subject: Re: Requesting tour from Mari-Lizette Malherbe

Hi Diu,

We are now safely back from our trip to Vietnam and Myanmar. We had a really amazing time. All the accommodation and guides were excellent. Thank you for the great service you provided to us throughout.

Best regards

Mari-Lizette United Kingdom, 01 October 2015
From: Rod Paahana [mailto:rpaahana@…]
Sent: 23 June 2015
Subject: RE: Aloha Diu

Aloha Diu,

I am back home. I loved the trip. you did a good job. All the 4 guides were great. The hotels were wonderful, except the Pleasant view in Yangon. The people there were very nice. They were helpful, but the room was not very good. The bed and the pillows were hard and not an enjoyable sleep. The room needs upgrading. Paint peeling and the doors were in bad condition.

That was the only negative to the whole trip. The air-conditioned cars were very good. I will say again your guides are very good and courteous. They know their information. I really like the Amata Hotel at Inle lake. I will recommend you to my friends. I may go back next year. The people there are wonderful. I had plans to go to South America in 2016. I may change and go back to Myanmar. I have to decide in the next few months.

My friends are asking me about my trip and I will refer them to you. Thank you again. When I told me guide, Thien, that I did not like the hotel in Yangon, he suggested that I contact you to change for the last 3 nights.

Since I was travelling and happy with the other hotels, I did not get back to you. My fault. I would have changed that hotel for another. It is done. I really enjoyed Bagan, and the Thande hotel was great
And with a great location. The staff of all the hotels were great and very courteous and helpful.

Thank you again,


Rod Paahana Hawaii, USA, 23 June 2015
From: Zohar Schawartz [mailto:zohar@…]
Sent: 06 June 2015 5:01 CH
To: ‘Sales Myanmar Tours’
Subject: RE: שולח דואר אלקטרוני: SCAN9363_000

Dear Ms Diu,

We came back safe and sound and very pleased with your services
This tour was the second time we have used your services and I am sure that we will turn to you for the third time
The hotels were very good and also the drivers and guides
However I have a few remarks to improve your service even better as follows
– In Angkor wat riding a bike for a whole day is a mistake . The weather is so hot and humid that riding a bike for a whole day is impossible. Also the place is very big and riding a bike is a waste of precious time.
– In Pnom phen I think that the program should have included the killing fields which are located outside the city.
– In lLaos / Vang Vieng the day ended too soon and I think that you can add kayaking to the program
– We had some problems with the veg meals ordered by my wife and in Angkor wat for example she had virtually nothing to eat.
I want to thank you personally for all your efforts
We had a great time and I am looking forward for our next tour with you.

Best regards,

Zohar Israel, 06 June 2015

From: Cigdem Duman [mailto:cigdemduman@…]
Sent: 16 March 2015 12:44 SA
To: Sales Myanmar Tours
Subject: Re: Myanmar tours

Dear Diu,

Thanks again for all the efforts you have done for us, our trip was like a dream. All the guides, drivers were very friendly and professional, the hotels, the transportation were good. 14 days and 5 flights; everything went smoothly.
Overall we are very pleased.

Best regards,

Çiğdem Duman

iPad’imden gönderildi

Cigdem Duman Turkey, 16 March 2015
From: Mercedes Chan [mailto:chan.mercedes@…]
Sent: 10 March 2015 9:49 SA
To: Sales Myanmar Tours
Subject: Feedback from Myanmar Tour

Hi Diu,

I had received a form to provide feedback for my family’s recent tour but wanted to email it instead of mailing.
We were on a 6-day 5-night tour of Myanmar going to Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and Yangon.In order of places we went:

1. Mandalay
Communication skill – good communication skills, very knowledgeable about the places we visited.
Quality of vehicle – good except that the air conditioning stopped working half-way through our first few hours’ touring. Luckily windows were able to help with the heat.
Quality of service and tour content – good service, tour guide was flexible in changing our itinerary to sites that we wanted to see; either adding or subtracting. Gave us our own space to wander about sites when we were interested in different parts of a site. Was adept in parking car at most convenient parts of an attraction and bringing car to us when needed; also gave us good warning about leaving sites at certain times to avoid crowds ie. after sunsets on top of the hill pagoda in Mandalay

2. Bagan
Communication skills – good
Quality of vehicle – good
Quality of service – good, guide knew back entrances to many sites so was able to take less crowded routes; also able to recommend good local restaurants.

3. Inle Lake
Communication skills – good
Quality of vehicle – good
Quality of service – excellent. We had two fantastic days around Inle Lake, much in part, thanks for our guide, Nyu Nyu, who was a fantastic host. He gave us options of things that we wanted to do as well as took us off the beaten track to look around the floating gardens and to walk around the floating villages. Also brought us to excellent restaurants and helped us keep time well without making us feel rushed. Inle Lake was our favourite part of the trip.

4. Yangon
Communication skills – fair to good
Quality of vehicle: good
Quality of service: good. Our guide in Yangon made a concerted effort to show us the highlights of Yangon in the short period of time we had. Eager to help us with our requests, he found us a great place for foot massage in Chinatown.

Other comments:
Hotels – all hotels we stayed at were great. We especially like the Myanmar Treasure Resort hotel at Inle Lake and the hotel in Mandalay. The Sky Star hotel was very new and someone further away from the attractions of downtown with many items unavailable on their dinner menu when we went to eat there but was clean. IT was the one that lacked the most atmosphere in comparison to the other hotels we stayed at but perhaps it was because it was new (very stark with flourescent lighting)
Excellent service before the trip with planning. I am grateful for information and warnings to make sure that we had a day in Yangon to avoid potential flight delays as found that that was very commonplace in Myanmar. Also excellent directions/reminders with regards to obtaining visas. The e-visa link was very convenient.
Ways to improve:
Restaurant suggestions in the cities visited as dinner is not included so sometimes it might help with options.

I would recommend Ciao Asia Travel’s tours to my friends and family.
Thank you!

Mercedes Chan Canada, 10 March 2015
From: Arie Haimson [mailto:Arieh@…]
Sent: 06 March 2015
To: Sales Myanmar Tours
Subject: RE: Request customized tour from haimson

Dear Diu,

After we returned back home from the tour in Myanmar, I want to thank you very much for the tour you organized us.

Everything was very satisfactory.


Arie Haimson

Arie Haimson Israel, 06 March 2015
From: R. Kenney [mailto:rk10k@…]
Sent: 05 March 2015
To: Sales Myanmar Tours
Cc: ‘Ting’
Subject: Re: Billing for Myanmar and Thailand Tours – splitting payments acrosss credit cards

Hello, Diu,

Yes – everything was very good and all is well. The guides were all prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. The locations were interesting. The hotel accommodations were fine. The vehicles were clean and appropriate. The domestic flights you booked for us all flew on schedule.

The team clearly met or exceeded expectations.

Overall we are very pleased and would be happy to recommend and make use of your services in the future.

Thank you, Diu!
R. Kenney

Ronald Kenney USA, 05 March 2015
From: Gary Clifton [mailto:garycliftongeo@…]
Sent: 02 February 2015
Subject: Myanmar Tour, January 19-24.

Dear Ms Tran,

I would like to provide some comments about our recent tour of Myanmar.

My wife Onuma and I had a wonderful time and will gladly recommend your tour agency to anyone. We have friends in America and Thailand and we will recommend your company if they decide to make a trip.

Each of our guides spoke excellent English, was well informed, patient with our needs, and always on time at the airport or hotel. The car or boat services were also excellent, the drivers careful and courteous. Every hotel we stayed was beautiful, the rooms clean and comfortable, and the hotel restaurants very good.

We especially want to give praise to our guides: May and Lin in Yangon, Yin Yin in Bagan, Tommy in Mandalay, and Joe in Hebo and Inle Lake. I would like to keep in contact with all of them, if they would like to provide their emails. I will be doing business in Myanmar and to know English speakers in different parts of the country will be important.

Our only complaint has nothing to do with your company. This has to do with the conditions at the Bagan and Mandalay airports, which we understand are maintained by the government. Both airports were dirty, including the floors, seats, windows, and most of all the restrooms, which were of which were disgusting. I have heard the same comments from other travelers, which means that others are staying away from these destinations.

Again, thank you for your excellent service and prompt responses to my queries before the trip.

Gary and Onuma Clifton
Prakhon Chai, Thailand

Gary and Onuma Clifton Thailand, 02 February 2015
From: Adrian Stolz [mailto:adrian.stolz@…]
Sent: 20 January 2015
To: Sales Myanmar Tours
Subject: RE: Requesting tour from Adrian Stolz

Dear Ms Diu

Please apologize my delayed reply. I meant to write you much sooner, but I wanted to send you some pictures with this e-mail, so I had to make a selection first. I’ve taken 3500 pictures in those two weeks! that’s my person record! It shows how much I love this country! It was so fascinating. Thank you very much for everything and especially for your patience with me. I’m sure I was a challenging client- I knew exactly what I wanted and I got it. I’m very satisfied! Thank you!

I will definetly recommend you to my friends if they want to visit Myanmar!

All the best,


Adrian Stolz Switzerland, 20 January 2015

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